The Ecoboxes have arrived!

Help fight food waste and reduce plastic packaging

Deposit: € 5.00

2 sizes available

Concerns: soups, pasta, fruit salads.

The Coque joins the community of restaurant owners and companies participating in the "Ecobox" project. Thanks to the Ecobox available at our Fresh & Fitness Corner restaurant and the Restaurant La Perla, we do our bit to combat food waste.

The principle is simple: against a deposit of € 5.00 per box, you can take your favourite dishes to go in an Ecobox. Once you have finished your meal, you can return the washed container to one of the participating restaurants, and get your deposit back or exchange your box for another box.

Take away fruit salads, daily specials or soups from the Fresh & Fitness Corner and enjoy them with peace of mind! La Perla offers the Ecobox for its takeaway meals, whether salads, pasta or soups.

See you soon at the Coque!