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Due to their great success, massages must be booked by phone or mail

The feeling of well-being created by our massages is accentuated by the use of essential oils. Our therapists are at your disposal to advise you.

A choice of 11 different types of massages!

Massages enable you to relieve the tensions caused by daily stress, and relax and stimulate your body and mind through in-depth action over the entire body. Our massages are not just useful in the field of sport, they are also preventive, relaxing and therapeutic. They help flush out toxins, improve muscle tone and provide a general relaxing effect.

In addition to the feeling of relaxation, lightness and well-being, a single massage session can reduce the markers of stress and stimulate the immune system. In addition to this, massages have a significant effect on blood circulation. Release your stress points, eliminate your muscular fatigue and blossom! Our therapists are at your disposal 7 days a week!

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Our massages :

Wellness massage

Reflexology massage

Bamboo massage * 

Facial massage *

Swedish massage

Honey massage *

Sports massage

Energy massage

Herbal pad massage *


Therapeutic massages

 * Currently unavailable

Choose the massage that suits you:

Wellness massage

The massage is a real source of relaxation.

Reflexology massage

Each part of the human body is represented in a specific location on the foot called a reflex zone. The reflexology massage is performed with the fingers by applying pressure to the reflex zones of the arch of the foot. Specific points of the human body are positively stimulated.

Bamboo massage *

Bamboo is the ideal element for a revitalising massage. Bamboo promotes an energy massage whose action is beneficial for combating fatigue and stress.

Facial massage *

The facial massage alternates a series of sliding movements along the nape of the neck, the neck, face and shoulders (using oil) and has a recognised anti-stress effect.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is a very classic oil massage that requires fluid and long movements. It focuses mainly on muscles and joints, but also works on the nervous and circulatory systems.

Honey massage *

The honey massage activates the reflex zones of the body, which in turn stimulates the corresponding organs. It is a detoxifying, rebalancing and relaxing massage.

Sports massage

The sports massage is not a massage technique in itself, but an "approach" that involves the use of various massage techniques aimed at improving performance and recovery, reducing the risk of injury to promote healing and a state of well-being. A strong and vital massage that provides a re-energising effect. It is deep, intensive and helps improve performance by preventing pain and the risk of injury.

Energy massage

The main goal of the energy massage is to revitalise the body, to preserve and maintain health. By harmonising body and mind using relaxation manoeuvres and techniques, this massage eliminates energy blockages and allows the vital energy to circulate freely. This massage helps eliminate and reduce muscle tension while promoting better blood circulation and fostering a good balance.

Herbal pad massage *

This energising massage uses herbal pads applied to the skin and deep pressure on your energy points.


A holistic massage method that rebalances the energies of the body, works on the acupuncture points and stimulates them by applying pressure with the thumb, the palm or the elbow.

Therapeutic massage

Select from 3 different therapies:

  • Belly-colon massage

Abdominal massage therapy stimulates the abdominal area and improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the internal organs in the area. The improvement of their functioning creates harmony between body and mind.

  • Craniosacral massage

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle approach that releases deep tensions in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction.

  • Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is the medical practice of massaging the limbs to promote proper circulation of the lymph.


 * Currently unavailable