1 Été : modification du programme des cours sportifs
2 Centre Aquatique : fermé du 10 au 26 août
3 Centre de Détente : fermé du 10 au 26 août
4 Mur d'Escalade : fermé du 12 au 26 août


Energy saving measures adopted

Coque joins collective efforts to reduce energy consumption

The Minister for Sport, Georges Engel, and the Minister for Energy, Claude Turmes, in collaboration with the management of the National Sports and Cultural Centre, presented the energy saving measures, which were adopted on Thursday 6 October.
In addition to the measures that have already been implemented (switching off the façade and decorative lighting, stopping the hot air flaps in the entrances, etc.), new measures to further reduce energy consumption will take effect from now on and from 15 October:

  • Adaptation of opening hours
  • Lowering of room and pool temperatures
  • Later start-up of certain infrastructures
  • Adjustment of the light intensity outside and inside the building
  • Closing of energy-consuming functions such as the snow cabin in the Centre de Détente



Therefore, from 15 October until further notice, the new opening hours of the Wellness Center will be as follows:

Monday :  12h00 - 21h00*
Tuesday-Friday :  12h00* - 21h00*
Saturday : 12h00* - 19h00*
Sunday : 12h00* - 18h00

These additional measures will optimize energy savings while continuing to provide a high-performance environment for users of the various infrastructures.
The Minister for Sport, Georges Engel, praised the efforts of the CNSC to save energy in a spirit of solidarity:

« The measures taken by the CNSC d'Coque can serve as a guideline for municipalities, associations of municipalities or other institutions managing sports facilities where the potential for energy savings is very great. I call on the entire sports movement to participate actively and in solidarity in collective efforts to save energy. »

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